The Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association - The adventure Begins Here

1st Ash Green Company

Welcome to the website of the 1st Ash Green Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association Company

The 1st Ash Green Boys' Brigade and Girls' Association Company meets on Friday evenings during term time. We meet in the Village Hall in the village of Ash near New Ash Green in Kent and are part of the North West Kent Battalion of the Boys' Brigade. The Boys' Brigade, established in 1883, is the UK's longest running uniformed youth organisation. The Girls' Association was established to allow girls to become full members of the organisation and to take part in all available activities. The 1st Ash Green Company is looking forward to celebrating its 30th anniversary in June 2013.

We work with boys and girls aged 5 to 18. Our activities include games, arts, crafts, drill and badgework, and the sessions are structured and organised to encourage the young people to co-operate and to recognise and develop their skills. The comprehensive badge scheme means that members always have something to aim for.

With younger members much of the activity focuses on team work and developing simple yet essential life skills. As they get older the focus turns toward leadership, preparing young people for the world of work and all the challenges and opportunities adult life brings.

Working closely with the local church we offer a friendly and safe environment for our members to grow and develop. Activities such as fun days, camps and other events offer unique opportunities to meet up with people from across Kent. Our volunteer leaders undergo regularly updated training and the organisation has well established Child Protection and Safety Procedures.